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Kubedog is a library to watch and follow Kubernetes resources in CI/CD deploy pipelines.

This library is used in the werf CI/CD tool to track resources during deploy process.

NOTE: Kubedog also includes a CLI, however it provides a minimal interface to access library functions. CLI was created to check library features and for debug purposes. Currently, we have no plans on further improvement of CLI.


Install library

go get

Install CLI


curl -L -o /tmp/kubedog
chmod +x /tmp/kubedog
sudo mv /tmp/kubedog /usr/local/bin/kubedog


curl -L -o /tmp/kubedog
chmod +x /tmp/kubedog
sudo mv /tmp/kubedog /usr/local/bin/kubedog


Download kubedog.exe.

Using kubedog


Please feel free to reach us via project's Discussions and werf's Telegram group (there's another one in Russian as well).

You're also welcome to follow @werf_io to stay informed about all important news, articles, etc.


Kubedog is an Open Source project licensed under the Apache License.

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