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React fiber

react-fiber is my self-study project help me understand how react work. In fact, all codebase re-implement each step , so it looks similar to the source code of react. Though, I think it's still smaller and easier to understand than when you actually read the react source code. I hope it helpful for people who want to start learn how react fiber work.

Something you should read and learn before start read source code

Keyword, Algorithms and Data Structure Used

  • Single linked list, Circular linked list
  • Simple stack and queue
  • Recursive
  • Structural sharing
  • Reconciliation
  • Scheduler
  • Bitwise Operators
  • JSX
  • DOM
And more


Fiber tree

Inside Fiber: in-depth overview of the new reconciliation algorithm in React


work (unitOfWork): A component, node element => fiber

current: Current fiber what is displayed on browser

WIP (workInProgress): New fiber tree we will build

fiber: {
  type: string | Function ('div', 'span', function Button)
  instanceNode: HTMLElement (div, span)
  return: fiber (parent of fiber)
  child: fiber (child of fiber)
  sibling: fiber (sibling of fiber)

  alternate: link current - WIP and WIP - current
  effectTag: number (give we know what will happen this fiber)



main function:

Process of first render

Render -> Reconciler -> Scheduler ->
Begin Work (build fiber tree) -> ChildReconciler(create child and effectTag) -> if work has child we will continue to run beginWork -> no child ->              
Complete Work (build list effect, mark tag and create instanceNode) -> sibling has child -> turn back Begin Work -> no child -> Complete Work -> no sibling -> has a new tree with effect tag ->
Commit Work : It will base on list effect tag to commit each fiber (Placement, Update, Delete, Lifecycle)

// In first render current fiber is null.
// current is workInProgress when commit

Process when update

Do something ->
Get current Fiber what corresponding to the component ->
Recursive to find Root ->
Clone fiber from root to component has update ->
Begin Work from this fiber (it's maybe clone fiber when children of component use memo, pure component or use shouldComponentUpdate) ->
Complete Work ->
Commit Work

About With(Hook v16.7)

Hooks are stored as a linked list on the fiber's prevState field of fiber.
current tree - current hook <=> WIP - WIP hook

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