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Feedbag is Ruby's favorite auto-discovery tool/library!

Quick synopsis

>> require "feedbag"
=> true
>> Feedbag.find ""
=> [""]
>> Feedbag.feed? ""
=> false
>> Feedbag.feed?("")
=> true


$ gem install feedbag

Or just grab feedbag.rb and use it on your own project:

$ wget

You can also use the command line tool for quick queries, if you install the gem:

» feedbag

Why should you use it?

  • Because it only uses Nokogiri as dependency.
  • Because it follows modern feed filename conventions (like those ones used by WordPress blogs, or Blogger, etc).
  • Because it's a single file you can embed easily in your application.
  • Because it's faster than anything else.

Web Service

Now you can also POST directly into an AWS Lambda function webservice that runs Feedbag.find(). Don't overuse it. It's here.


David Moreno <[email protected]>.



Superfeedr has kindly financially supported the development of Feedbag.


This is and will always be free software. See COPYING for more information.

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