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A simple yet powerful extension to add wrapper snippets around your code blocks.


  • Supports language identifiers πŸš€New!
  • Supports multi selections
  • Fully customizable
  • Custom wrapper snippets
  • You can assign shortcuts for each wrapper snippets separately
  • Nicely formatted
  • Sorts recently used snippets on top πŸš€New!

Demo 1: Choosing a wrapper snippet from quick pick menu

Demo 1

Demo 2: Wrapping multi selections

Demo 2

How To Use

After selecting the code block, you can

  • right click on selected code
  • OR press (ctrl+shift+T) or (cmd+shift+T)

to get list of commands and pick one of them.


Each wrapper has a separate command so you can define keybindings for your favorite wrappers by searching surround.with.commandName in the 'Keyboard Shortcuts' section.

List of commands

Command Snippet
surround.with (ctrl+shift+T) List of all the enabled commands below
surround.with.if if ($condition) { ... }
surround.with.ifElse if ($condition) { ... } else { $else }
surround.with.tryCatch try { ... } catch (err) { $catchBlock }
surround.with.tryFinally try { ... } finally { $finalBlock }
surround.with.tryCatchFinally try { ... } catch (err) {$catchBlock} finally { $finalBlock }
surround.with.for for ($1) { ... }
surround.with.fori for (let i = 0; ... ; i = i + 1) { ... }
surround.with.forEach items.forEach((item) => { ... })
surround.with.forEachAsync items.forEach(async (item) => { ... })
surround.with.forEachFn items.forEach(function (item) { ... })
surround.with.forEachAsyncFn items.forEach(async function (item) { ... })
surround.with.arrowFunction const $name = ($params) => { ... }
surround.with.asyncArrowFunction const $name = async ($params) => { ... }
surround.with.functionDeclaration function $name ($params) { ... }
surround.with.asyncFunctionDeclaration async function $name ($params) { ... }
surround.with.functionExpression const $name = function ($params) { ... }
surround.with.asyncFunctionExpression const $name = async function ($params) { ... }
surround.with.element <element>...</element>
surround.with.comment /** ... */
surround.with.region #region $regionName ... #endregion
surround.with.templateLiteral πŸš€New! ... (Also replaces single and double quotes with backtick)
surround.with.templateLiteralVariable πŸš€New! ${...} (Also replaces single and double quotes with backtick)
surround.with.iife πŸš€New! (function $name($params){ ... })($arguments);


  • showOnlyUserDefinedSnippets (boolean): Disables default snippets that comes with the extension and shows only used defined snippets.
  • showRecentlyUsedFirst (boolean): Recently used snippets will be displayed on top.


Each wrapper snippet config object is defined as ISurroundItem like below:

interface ISurroundItem {
  label: string; // must be unique
  description?: string;
  detail?: string;
  snippet: string; // must be valid SnippetString
  disabled?: boolean; // default: false
  languageIds?: string[];

Editing/Disabling existing wrapper functions

Go to "Settings" and search for "surround.with.commandName".

Example surround.with.if:

  "label": "if",
  "description": "if ($condition) { ... }",
  "disabled": false,
  "snippet": "if(${1:condition}) {\n\t$TM_SELECTED_TEXT\n}$0"

Adding new custom wrapper functions

Go to "Settings" and search for surround.custom and edit it like below.

  "surround.custom": {
    // command name must be unique
    "yourCommandName": {
      // label must be unique
      "label": "Your Snippet Label",
      "description": "Your Snippet Description",
      "snippet": "burrito { $TM_SELECTED_TEXT }$0", // <-- snippet goes here.
      "languageIds": ["html", "javascript", "typescript", "markdown"]
    // You can add more ...

Defining language-specific snippets

With version 1.1.0, you can define snippets based on the document type by using languageIds option.

Visit VSCode docs the full list of language identifiers.

1. Enabling a snippet for ALL languages

If you want to allow a snippet to work for all document types, simply REMOVE languageIds option.

OR set it to ["*"] as below:

  "label": "if",
  "description": "if ($condition) { ... }",
  "disabled": false,
  "snippet": "if(${1:condition}) {\n\t$TM_SELECTED_TEXT\n}$0",
  "languageIds": ["*"] // Wildcard allows snippet to work with all languages

2. Enabling a snippet for ONLY specified languages

If you want to allow a snippet to work with html, typescript and typescriptreact documents, you can use the example below.

  "label": "if",
  "description": "if ($condition) { ... }",
  "disabled": false,
  "snippet": "if(${1:condition}) {\n\t$TM_SELECTED_TEXT\n}$0",
  "languageIds": ["html", "typescript", "typescriptreact"]

3. Disabling a snippet for ONLY specified languages

If you want to allow a snippet to work with all document types EXCEPT html, typescript and typescriptreact documents, you can add - (MINUS) sign as a prefix to the language identifiers (without a whitespace).

  "label": "if",
  "description": "if ($condition) { ... }",
  "disabled": false,
  "snippet": "if(${1:condition}) {\n\t$TM_SELECTED_TEXT\n}$0",
  "languageIds": ["*", "-html", "-typescript", "-typescriptreact"]


  1. All command names and labels must be unique. If you do not provide a unique command name or label, your custom wrapper functions will override existing ones.
  2. You can redefine all snippets as long as you provide a valid SnippetString. Read More


As always, I'm open to any contribution and would like to hear your feedback.

Just an important reminder:

If you are planning to contribute to any open source project, before starting development, please always open an issue and make a proposal first. This will save you from working on features that are eventually going to be rejected for some reason.


I designed the logo on and inspired by one of their free templates.


MIT (c) 2021 Mehmet YatkΔ±


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