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Board Meetings

To be as open and transparent as possible with our Techlahoma board meetings, this repo contains the agendas & minutes of meetings.

How to attend as a board member

We will post a Slack call in the #techlahoma-mgmt channel when the meeting begins. Join the Slack call to attend.

How to attend as a non-board member

To keep meetings timely, efficient, and productive for board members, Techlahoma board meetings are private. We like to invite non-board members to attend, especially if they are involved with a specific team, committee, or project that the board is actively involved with.

Please ask a Techlahoma board member for an invite to the call.

This repo

We use this repo for (some) board tasks. We also keep our public agendas & minutes here, dating back to October, 2015. Agendas for board meetings before october 2015 are available upon request.

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