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Webpack deploy utilities

Collection of useful utilities for deploying (not only) Webpack apps


npm install --save-dev productboard/webpack-deploy


Copy deploy-config-example.js and secrets-example.js into the root of your project and fit them to your needs. Also make sure you have ./node_modules/.bin in your $PATH.


Build your Webpack project and run deploy [environment]. The script will automatically detect the build hash from build.log.


  • deploy Batch command for quick deployment.
  • deploy-s3 AWS S3 asset upload of build files.
  • deploy-redis Redis deployment of revision index html file.
  • activate-rev Redis activation of deployed revision.
  • list-revs List of deployed revisions with meta information.
  • list-active-rev List current active revision.
  • rollbar-source-map Rollbar source map upload.
  • slack-notify Slack channel notifier.
  • git-deploy-tag Git tag creation and push to remote.


Why Bash with Gulp?

Gulp is great for building, Bash for running tasks.

NPM >= 5.2.0 required

To find gulp binary also in mono-repos, npx is used. npx is included with npm from version 5.2.0.




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