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Magento2 Product Attachment

The Product Attachments extension for Magento 2 equips product pages with a special attachments block where you can upload numerous documents such as user guides, extra images, pdf, certificates, licenses and many others.

New Features

  • You can now manage attachments from the product edit page
  • API support: Now you can manage attachments by APIs.
    • Create a new attachment
    • Update attachment
    • Get attachment
    • Delete attachment
  • Product API support: Now you can also manage attachments with product API
    • Assign/Remove attachments from the product
    • Get attachments

Check full description on Magento Marketplace


Frontend | Backend

Code to show attachments on CMS page or Static Block

1) To show all attachments

{{block class="Mageprince\Productattach\Block\AllAttachment" template="Mageprince_Productattach::all-attachment.phtml" show_icon=1 show_label=1 show_description=0 show_filetype=0 show_size=1 show_download=1 apply_customer_filter=1 apply_store_filter=1}}

2) To show attachments by file_type

{{block class="Mageprince\Productattach\Block\AllAttachment" file_type="pdf,doc" template="Mageprince_Productattach::allattachment.phtml"}}

3) To set number of attachments to show

{{block class="Mageprince\Productattach\Block\AllAttachment" count="10" template="Mageprince_Productattach::all-attachment.phtml"}}

4) To show attachment by attachment id(s)

{{block class="Mageprince\Productattach\Block\AllAttachment" attachment_id="5,6" template="Mageprince_Productattach::allattachment.phtml"}}


Product Page - Table View

Product Page - List View

Product Page

CMS Page

CMS page

Product Edit Page

Admin Product Edit Page

Admin Grid

Admin Attachment Grid


Admin Configuration Admin Configuration Admin Configuration

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