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PacktPub Downloader

Script to download all your PacktPub books inspired by

Since PacktPub restructured their website packtpub-library-downloader became obsolete because the downloader used webscraping. So I figured out that now PacktPub uses a REST API. Then I found which endpoint to use for downloading books and made a simple script. Feel free to fork and PR to improve. Packtpub's API isn't documented :'(


pip install -r requirements.txt
python -e <email> -p <password> [-d <directory> -b <book file types> -s -v -q]
Example: Download books in PDF format
python -e [email protected] -p [email protected] -d ~/Desktop/packt -b pdf,epub,mobi,code

Docker integration

You must put your data in the .env file.

mv data.env-sample data.env

and replace the sample data with your login credentials.

docker-compose up

After the execution, you can see the content in the book directory.

Commandline Options

  • -e, --email = Your login email
  • -p, --password = Your login password
  • -d, --directory = Directory to download into. Default is "media/" in the current directory
  • -b, --books = Assets to download. Options are: pdf,mobi,epub,code
  • -s, --separate = Create a separate directory for each book
  • -v, --verbose = Show more detailed information
  • -q, --quiet = Don't show information or progress bars

Book File Types

  • pdf: PDF format
  • mobi: MOBI format
  • epub: EPUB format
  • code: Accompanying source code, saved as .zip files

I'm working on Python 3.6.0

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