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Crocodile Distributed Task Scheduling System

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A distributed task scheduling system based on Golang that supports http requests, run golang、python、python3、shell、bat


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        +-------------+                           ||--------||
        ||-----------||                           ||        ||
        ||           ||                           || Worker ||
        ||   调度中心 ||                           ||         ||
        ||           ||      RPC调用(gRPC)        ||---------||
        ||-----------|| +-----------------------> ||-------- ||
        ||-----------||                           ||        ||
        ||           || <-----------------------+ || Worker ||
  +---> ||   调度中心 ||      任务实时日志            ||        ||
任 |    ||           ||                           ||--------||
务 |    ||-----------|| <------+                  ||--------||
完 |     +------------+        |                  ||        ||
成 |         ^    |            |                  || Worker ||
持 |       实|任   |            |数                ||        ||                
久 |       时|务   |获          |据                 +----------+ 
日 |       志|状   |取          |存                
志 |       日|态   |锁          |储
   |        v     v            v
   |      +-------+-+      +----+---+
   |      |         |      |        |
   +----- |  Redis  |      | MySQL  |
          |         |      |        |
          +---------+      +--------+


  • Add, modify, delete, clone and run tasks on the web node
  • View real-time logs of running tasks and tasks in real time, and can terminate running tasks
  • Multiple task types:
        - Perform http request tasks
        - Run shell,python, golangpython3nodejscodes (of course other languages ​​can also be supported, please provide if necessary)
  • Father and child tasks:
        When the parent task or child task is set, the parent task->main task-> subtask will be run first. If any task fails, the entire process will be interrupted immediately. You can also set the parent task or subtaskOrserial run
  • Scheduling Algorithm:
        Supports four scheduling algorithms: random, rotation, worker weight, minimum worker number to call Worker to run tasks,
  • Custom alarm strategy:
        Can be set to alert multiple users when the task success,failure, or run is completed
        Set the return code or return content of the task to compare whether the actual return code or return content of the task is the same to determine whether the task runs successfully.
  • Host group:
        A task can only be bound to any host group. The running of the task will select a task in this host group to run the task through the task's routing strategy
  • Host:
        A host group can be bound to multiple hosts, the host is the node that actually runs the task, and the dispatch center automatically discovers after registration
  • security strategy
        Certificate encryption encrypts communication data     Access token
  • Task log management, clean up logs
  • Alarm notification support platform
    • Mail
    • WeChat
    • DingDing
    • Slack Channel
    • Telegram Bot
    • WebHook URL
  • Detailed task audit function
        All operations on data changes to users will be recorded
  • Permission control
    • Administrator
              Have all operating rights
    • general user
              New tasks and host groups can be created, but only tasks or host groups that have been created can be operated, but audit records and all users cannot be viewed
    • Guest
      Only viewing authority, no operation modification authority, but can not view audit records, all users

Supported platforms

  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows

Quick Start

git clone
cd crocodile
docker-compose up -d

Then open urlhttp://yourip:8080,you need to input a admin user and password to install it, than you will come in this system


  • Click to download,uncompress it
  • installredismysql,then change config file core.toml
  • If you need to enable certificate authentication between scheduling nodes, please generate a certificate,
        Run the command to generate cert certificate
    crocodile cert

     Then two files cert.pem andkey.pem will be generated locally in the current directory. After saving these two files, fill in the path of the file in the value configuration file. Each node needs these two files

  • Run as a scheduler center
        Multiple dispatch centers can be started to prevent single points of failure from causing dispatch to hang up

    ./crocodile server -c core.toml
  • Run as a Worker (host) node

    /crocodile client -c core.toml
  • View version compilation information

    ./crocodile version
  • Configuration Alarm


  • Frontend
    • Install yarn
    • Go to the web directory, first download the dependency yarn, and then run the front-endyarn run dev separately
    • Package to go, execute make frontrnd,
  • Backend
    • Run make runs as a schdeule center
    • Run make runc as worker node

The sql directory is also packaged in go-bindata. During installation, the sql creation statement will be read from the file generated bygo-bindata. If the sql is modified, re-execute make bin-data




If this project could help you, I hope you could donate me by alipay


Crocodile is under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for details.

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