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Awesome Open Source

Welcome to Hyperlog

What is Hyperlog?


Hyperlog is a platform for software developers to showcase their skills and projects in just a few clicks. We are building a complete set of tools for developers to showcase the best of their skills with zero additional coding required, while at the same time making it hackable right down to the level of HTML and CSS.

What does Hyperlog bring to the table?

Hyperlog isn't yet another WYSIWIG portfolio website. It is backed by solid tech to bring out insights about you and your skills from the code that you write. This includes trivial data collection such as languages or number of contributions to a project, but also the libraries and technologies you work most with. This allows us to showcase your best skills while being backed by data that is both relevant and trustworthy to recruiters.

Moreover, we understand that your portfolio website is special to you, and you may want it to be styled your way. You can customize your portfolio as much as you want right down to the level of its source code. The only catch at the moment is that the custom code needs to be written with Next.js, but let us know if you want support for anything else and we'll make that happen.

When can I get my hands on the Hyperlog experience?


We're still in closed beta, and in the process of open-sourcing more of our components. Add your email to the waitlist here and we'll provide you with early-access as soon as we can.

I ❤️ Open Source and want to contribute. How can I get started?

We're just as passionate about open-source as you are, and would love to have you contribute to this project. We'll be adding the detailed contributing guidelines very soon. In the meanwhile, if you want to submit any feature requests or bug reports, use the Github issue tracker right here.

Feedback and Support

We're excited to hear from you! Write us an email at [email protected] or [email protected] with any product feedback or support queries you have.

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