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Hack Club is a global, nonprofit network of high school makers & student-led coding clubs. This repository is where we store our Workshops, which are self-led learn-to-code tutorials, as well as our Code of Conduct.


We think learning to code is uniquely like gaining a superpower: it converts you from a consumer to a creator, turning your computer into a tool for creation. If you’re reading this, you can learn to build an app—there’s never been a better time for making.

The goal of Hack Club is to help you become a hacker. We want an inclusive space on the internet & at every school where people are making interesting things with code, every week. In our online Slack (Discord-style online chatroom with 10K student members), you can ask coding questions, you’ll meet amazing friends, share projects you’re building, and so much more. Most members start with little to no coding experience, join our Slack, build projects of their own, start clubs at their school, attend & later organize hackathons.

Hack Club was founded by a teenager who dropped out of high school because the school system wasn’t working. We’re an entirely open source organization—our website to even our finances are public. It’s backed by everyone from Elon Musk to GitHub co-founder Tom Preston-Werner.

Quick Hack Club links

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Join our Slack
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Apply to start a club
Draw a dino & join our GitHub
See our contribution guidelines
Read our code of conduct
Use our logos & banners
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Contributing to Workshops

Contributions are welcome!

If you need any help, please contact us at [email protected] or on our Slack.

  1. Check out our public issues board. If your issue isn't on the board, open a new one.
  2. Pick an issue that nobody has claimed and start working on it. First-time contributors should look for the "first-timers-only" label on issues.
  3. Fork the project (Need help forking a project?). You’ll do all of your work on your forked copy.
  4. Create a branch specific to the issue or feature you are working on. Push your work on that branch (Need help with branching?).
  5. Name the branch something like fixes-xxx-issue or add-xxx-feature where xxx is a short description of the changes or feature you are adding.
  6. Once your code is ready, submit a pull request from your branch to Hack Club's main branch. We'll do a quick review and give you feedback.


TL;DR: All content is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. All code is released under the MIT License. For the license's full text and attributions, please see LICENSE.

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