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PokePaste is a simple pastebin, with a clean interface, that supports highlighting of the syntax created by Pokemon Showdown. This syntax has become a standard, and is supported by multiple tools, yet no pastebin (up until now) has had support for syntax-highlighting it.

PokePaste highlights mon names with their primary type, moves with their type, items (where appropriate) with their associated type and more. It also features an image preview for mons and items using art from the Pokemon Global Link. The site is simple, standards-compliant and mobile- friendly.

PokePaste is grateful to BrowserStack for help testing PokePaste v3 across different browsers.

You can use PokePaste at

PokePaste v3 was rewritten from the ground up in Go. Most of the functionality required is in the standard library, with the exception of the MySQL and Blowfish libraries.

A standalone tool is included to run PokePaste for development purposes; use it something like this:

$ go get
$ POKEPASTE_DB=username:[email protected]/dbname \
> POKEPASTE_KEY='Super Secret Key' ~/go/bin/pokepaste

See for more information on the database connection parameters.


PokePaste is licensed under the 3-clause BSD licence. In short, you can do whatever you want with the code as long as you retain the copyright notice (see LICENSE) and don't hold me liable.

Pokémon and Pokémon character names are trademarks of Nintendo.

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