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Awesome Open Source


Please consider using instead:

react-native-workers (RN 0.43^)

Do heavy data process outside of your UI JS thread.

Before using this kind of solution you should check if InteractionManager.runAfterInteractions is not enough for your needs, because creating a aditional worker can considerably increase app memory usage.

I mostly use this library for a personal project, that wrap a native database with a graphql api. So the updates may follow my needs, but any PR is welcome.

Automatic Instalation

npm install --save rn-workers
react-native link rn-workers

Or Install manually

Prepare your project following this SETUP GUIDE

App side

    import { Worker } from 'rn-workers'

    export default class rnapp extends React.Component {

        componentDidMount () {
            //Create using default worker port (8082)
            this.worker = new Worker();
            //Create worker pointing to custom one
            this.worker2 = new Worker(8083);
            //Add listener to receve messages
            this.worker.onmessage = message => this.setState({
                 text: message,
                 count: this.state.count + 1

            //Send message to worker (Only strings is allowed for now)
            this.worker.postMessage("Hey Worker!")

        componentWillUnmount () {
            //Terminate worker

Worker side

    import { WorkerService } from 'rn-workers'
    const worker = new WorkerService();
    worker.onmessage = message => {
        //Reply the message back to app
        worker.postMessage("Hello from the other side (" + message + ")")

Aditional Information


Cancer GPL ..... just kindind, its Apache 2.0

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