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Django-based production project, integrated with Tinkoff,, Mailchimp, Postmark, S3 and telegram. Frontend is built on vue.js in the separate repo.


Configuration is stored in src/app/.env, for examples see src/app/

Installing on a local machine

This project requires python3.8 and sqlite.

Install requirements:

cd src && pip install -r requirements.txt
cp app/ app/.env  # default environment variables
./ migrate
./ createsuperuser


# run unit tests
$ pytest

Development servers:

# run django dev server
$ ./ runserver

Backend Code requirements


  • Obey django's style guide.
  • Configure your IDE to use flake8 for checking your python code. For running flake8 manualy, do cd src && flake8
  • Prefer English over your native language in comments and commit messages.
  • Commit messages should contain the unique id of issue they are linked to (refs #100500)
  • Every model and a model method should have a docstring.

Code organisation

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