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Modern Django

Modern Django: A Guide on How to Deploy Django-based Web Applications in 2017

Modern Django Guide on Medium

Understanding the Need: A Django Deployment Guide

This document goes into the need for this guide.

The List: Django Deployment and What To Cover

Here is the list of topics I would like to cover, if there are any ideas and updates you believe should be covered please let me know!

Modern Django - Preface

This section introduces the guide and how it will be covered!

Part 0: Introduction and Initial Setup

This section is the first technical portion of the guide and goes over general tools as well as the setting up the environment to begin development.

Part 1: Project Refactor and Meeting the Django Settings API

This section covers changing the project structure, introducting the Django Settings API, and ensuring the project runs!

Part 2: REST APIs, Apps, and Django REST Framework

This (hefty) section covers HTTP, REST, Django Applications (as a concept), Views, URLs and the basics of Django REST Framework.

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