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An awesome image host service driven by github pages and github actions.

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Install via npm:

$ npm i @matrixage/picpic


To use picpic, by below steps:

  • mkdir a folder & cd it
  • npm init & press enter through
  • npm i @matrixage/picpic
  • "init": "picpic init" into package.json scripts
  • npm run init
  • drop you images to assets folder
  • git commit & git push to you github

then active your gh-pages.

if your acccout do not active github actions, you should active github actions and git push again to trigger delopy process.

if your github repo first branch is master,please change the branch in .github/workflows/ci.yml (main => master)


  • click image to preview detail
  • preview images in folder mode
  • mobile is avaible

also, more you can explore:

  • list mode
  • search
  • navigator
  • minim file system

if you have more demands, and if you think your demands reasonal, you can talk to me.


	// supported images type
	"types": ["svg", "png", "jpg", "jpeg", "gif", "webp"],

	// enable imagemin,compress : false, disable imagemin,compress
	// support compress jpg、png and gif
	"compress": {
		// image quality 0.1 - 1
		"quality": 0.8,
		// if true, webp,jpg、png will be compress by imagemin-webp
		"webp": false

	// file folder load depth
	"depth": 12


Picpic supports the all modern browsers,and you can preview picpic images in chrome or firefox.


Picpic is licensed under the MIT license. (

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