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Node + react full stack

This is a full stack Nodejs + React starter pack which tries to make as few decisions as possible.

It includes:

  • Docker
    • nginx
    • mysql / mssql (default is mysql)
    • node
    • sphinx
  • ExpressJS
  • Swagger
  • React + Redux
  • Babel
  • Material design
  • Sequelize (ORM)
  • Sphinx-doc

First start

Starting this app is easy, simply run yarn docker-dev (or npm run docker-dev) and wait for all services to come online.

The following urls will become available:

Url Service
http://localhost:3000 The frontend React application
http://localhost:8888 The read-the-docs (/Sphinx) documentation
http://localhost:4000 The ExpressJS backend
http://localhost:4000/docs Swagger documentation for the backend

See the Available commands chapter for more info.

Table of contents

Available commands

The commands found below can be executed either with yarn command or with npm run command.

useful commands

Command Description
start runs the services without docker
docker-dev runs the services with docker (recommended)
docker-prod runs buildservices for the frontend and documentation and after that spins up the production environment.
docker-rebuild rebuilds docker containers (f.e after changing the dockerfile)
docker-fix takes the containers down (impatient people use ctrl + c and have to take them down before starting them again)

Commands used by useful command

Command Description
start-frontend runs the frontend without docker
start-backend runs the backend without docker
start-docs runs the documentation without docker
dev runs all of the above
docker-build-prod runs the build services in docker

Changing the starter

The chapters below will guide you through changing the starter to fit your own style.

Change to mssql

In order to change to mssql follow the following steps:

  1. run npm uninstall --save mysql2 in the backend folder
  2. delete config.json in the backend/config folder
  3. rename config.sqlserver.json in the backend/config folder to config.json
  4. uncomment the mssql block and comment in (or remove) the mysql block.
    • docker/dev/docker-compose.yml
    • docker/prod/docker-compose.yml

Create a database (error: login failed for user sa)

You'll most likely get a database error if you launch the starter as is, to resolve this use the following command while running the containers:

docker exec -ti dev_backend_1 /app/node_modules/.bin/sequelize db:create

Then either restart your containers or trigger nodemon in the backend folder

Change database host

Open up backend/config/config.json and edit the database connection info.

Note If your database lives in the same dockernetwork use the docker's name (sql-server in the example) and it's internal port.

Changing database docker

This starter comes with 2 sql-server dockers. By default the mysql server will be used but all docker-compose files have an entry for mssql. Simply change out the mysql block for the mssql block and rebuild your containers with: yarn docker-rebuild

Remove material design

You can basically put any React project in the frontend folder as long as it includes an npm start script.
The current react project that is in the frontend folder is the react-sane-starter's material branch. Follow the instructions below to include the non-material branch.

  1. rm -rf frontend
  2. git clone frontend
  3. rm -rf frontend/.git

Remove sequelize

To fully remove sequelize execute the following steps in the backend folder:

  1. rm -rf migrations models seeders

  2. rm config/config.json

  3. npm unsinstall --save sequelize

  4. Remove the following code from server.js

    // sequelize
    import models from "./models";
      .then(function() {
        /* eslint-disable no-console */
        console.log("database tables synced");
      .catch(err => {
        /* eslint-disable no-console */

Folder structures

The chapters below list important files / folders in the subfolders


├── make.bat // Windows makefile
├── Makefile // Linux / OS X makefile
├── package.json // runner
├── package-lock.json
├── requirements.txt // required packages for sphinx
└── source // actual documentation
    ├── //sphinx settings
    ├── content // text directory
       ├── 10-playground
          ├── banners.rst
          └── index.rst
       └── 20-playground-md
    ├── index.rst // main page
    └── _static // static files (images, pdfs, etc) directory
        └── logo.png


├── config // configuration files
   ├── config.json
   └── swagger.json
├── data // swaggerize-express data (add your code here)
   ├── dashboards
      └── {id}.js
   ├── dashboards.js
   └── mockgen.js
├── handlers // swaggerize-express handlers
   ├── dashboards
      └── {id}.js
   └── dashboards.js
├── migrations // sequelize migrations
├── models // sequelize models
   ├── dashboard.js
   └── index.js
├── package.json
├── package-lock.json
├── routes // custom express routes
├── seeders // seed scripts for sequelize
├── server.js // main starting point
├── services // services directory (database services etc.)
   └── errorService.js // service to handle errors
└── tests // tests directory
    ├── dashboards
       └── {id}.js
    └── dashboards.js


├── dev // contains the dev docker-compose file(s)
   └── docker-compose.yml
├── images // contains Dockerfiles for images
   ├── nginx
      ├── default.conf
      └── Dockerfile
   ├── node
      └── Dockerfile
   └── node-sphinx
       └── Dockerfile
└── prod // contains the production docker-compose file(s)
    ├── build // contains the build services
       ├── docker-compose.yml
       └── Dockerfile
    └── docker-compose.yml


├── docker
   ├── dev  // Development docker-compose and dockerfile
      ├── docker-compose.yml
      └── Dockerfile
   └── prod // Production docker files
       ├── docker-compose.yml
       ├── Dockerfile
       └── default.conf // nginx conf for javascript SPA's

├── docs // directory for your documentation

├── src
   ├── actions // actions go here
   ├── assets // directory for statis assets
   ├── components // dumb components go here
   ├── constants // constants can be declared here
   ├── containers // smart components go here
   ├── reducers // reducers go here
   ├── store
   ├── styles // scss + css
   ├── tests // global test files
   ├── utils // utility classes / objects
   ├── favicon.ico
   ├── index.js
   ├── index.ejs
   └── webpack-public-path.js

├── tools // webpack tools, build tools, etc.

├── .babel.json
├── .editorconfig
├── .gitignore
├── .istanbul.yml // test coverage config
├── .jslintrc.json
├── package.json

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