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LMS-Laravel is a Learning Management System (or LMS) that facilitates the creation of educational content by allowing you to manage courses and learning modules. The platform is simple and intuitive and provides features for:

  1. The Teacher (course creator)
  2. The Student (or user)
  3. The Admin

As the name suggests, LMS-laravel is built on the latest Laravel framework, and uses various open source packages. This application is still in development, if you want to collaborate on the development, send us an email:

Angel: [email protected]


  • Run git clone LMS-Laravel
  • cd LMS-Laravel
  • Run composer install (install composer beforehand)
  • From the projects root run cp .env.example .env
  • Configure your .env file, with:

Database settings


Google recaptcha settings (which you can configure from


Email settings (using a provider like Mailgun, Amazon SES, etc)

  • Run php artisan key:generate

  • Run php artisan migrate

  • For Auth API (to configure Laravel Passport), run: php artisan passport:install

  • Run npm install

  • Run php artisan db:seed

  • Start the Laravel server php artisan serve --port=8000

  • Start the Websocket server (for chat functionality) php artisan websockets:serve


LMS-Laravel is licensed under the MIT license. Enjoy!

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