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All about your Github account, public and private activity, stars count, release download count, who followed/unfollowed and starred/unstarred your Github repositories plus daily email notification about changes and much more.


  • My-Starhub: display total repos, stars and followers
  • My-Starhub: public and private activity history listing plus filter
  • My-Starhub: watch all repos for changes
  • My-Starhub: daily email notification (only on changes)
  • My-Starhub: notification for new followers, un-follower, stars, un-star
  • My-Starhub: global user statistics on activities and used languages
  • My-Starhub: main user organization statistic
  • My-Starhub: list search and filter starred repos
  • Statistics: stars and releases downloads counter analytics
  • Tools: github applications selection and listing
  • Tools: mail finder, username and user-id converter, site preview and git downloader
  • Profiler: github profile for any github user with various statistics
  • Profiler: direct access (
  • And much more...


Running it locally


For Go projects to work they have to be cloned on the right places.

Let's assume ~/Code/Go as our default Go projects folder.


git clone [email protected]:Github-Web-Apps/Starhub.git
cd Starhub


Now, install Go 1.11+ and run:

make setup

To install the other project's dependencies.


Just run:

make build

Running the tests

Just run:

make test

Database setup

Start up postgres and run:

createdb watchub
for sql in ./migrations/*; do psql watchub -f $sql; done

Tunnel with ngrok

To test the entire flow, you'll need to install ngrok.

Install it, then just run:

ngrok http 3000

Then, create an application on github.

Fill it like this:

  1. Application name: Starhub-Dev-Username
  2. Homepage URL: the ngrok http forwarding URL, e.g.
  3. Application description: empty
  4. Authorization callback URL: same as homepage url, but with a /login/callback suffix. e.g.:

GitHub will then give you a Client ID and a Client Secret.

Export them like this:

export GITHUB_CLIENT_ID="your client id"
export GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET="your client secret"

And then just run the app:

go run main.go

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